April 11, 2010

Sewed Top

Today, I sewed the top of my dress.  The skirt and back of the bodice have yet to be attached, not to mention the lining and anything else I decide to do with it, but here's how it looks so far:

It's a little busty, ya think?  Ha!  It's actually  a little big on the top, but I'm sure I can fix that pretty easily.  Here's the top next to the inspiration dress:

After comparing it with my inspiration dress, from naturalbridals.com, I realize that the top of each side of the bodice should come to a point closer to my collar bone, and there needs to be a wider V in the front.  There's no way I'm taking the gathering out at the bottom, so I'm going to find a way to make it look nicely finished without taking the entire thing apart. 

Tomorrow, Mark and I are having brunch again with his grandfather and dinner with Mark's brother & Sister-in-love, but hopefully I'll be able to slip in some sewing time.

That's the latest!



PS.  We set a date!!  July 3 in Oregon.  Everything is going so smoothly!  It's wonderful! 

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