April 12, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I'm considering several different options to fix the top:

1.  Complete the dress without a bra insert and buy a low-back or backless and strapless bra or bustier to go under it.  Also could do a stick-on bra (for a D cup?  I'm not so sure about that).

2.  Continue to try to figure out a bra insert that is supportive and works.  I can attach bra cups, but they aren't being supportive at all or even staying in place at the moment.

3.  Redesign the top.

I haven't decided which way is the best at this moment.  I'm wondering why I had to like and design a top that didn't allow for a bra.  

Seriously, Melanie, what were you thinking? 

---I was thinking I wanted to look pretty, summery and fresh.

And now?

---I just want to finish my dress!

Okay, let's look at the alternate top idea.  

Another consideration is the weather.  My original design was based on thinking we were getting married in a hot climate.  Our new plan is Oregon, which will be a high of 65F.  So, here are tops that might work from patterns I already have:

Has a flattering V neck and maintains the look of gathering in the original pattern.  Plus, it has the midriff that is already in the original dress I've cut out.


Here's a cute adaptation from Julliams on PatternReview.com

I'm just not sure I like the cap sleeves.  'Cause they aren't really cap sleeves, they're kind of I'm-not-sure-if-I-want-to-be-cap-or-sleeveless sleeves.  Like the sleeves are still indecisive and "in the closet".  My inventive, creative self is thinking, "Oh, well I can just shorten the width a bit, easy peasy."  The part of me that just wants the dress finished and has a heightened awareness of the first bodice that I created "easily" that still doesn't fit right is not a fan of my idea.

The second pattern top option is from sewserendipity.com.  It was my original favorite dress design, but then I went in a different direction.  You have to use a little imagination to picture a dress in a solid color with a long skirt.  The major plus on this top option would be the sleeves, which would keep me warm.  That's also the downside.  I don't think I want sleeves on my dress.  Who cares if I freeze and shiver for 20 minutes of a ceremony, right?

The Torii Tunic

Check out this top.  I bet I could adapt my top to this.


I could add spaghetti straps to this one:


So pretty and simple, right?

Tonight I was at my future brother and sister-in-love's home, and my sister-in-love was asking what they should wear for the ceremony.  Earlier in the week I sent everyone pics of the costume (like gypsy, wizard, superman) they were going to wear, and because it came from me (known for being eccentric), they didn't know whether to take me seriously or not.  So, my sister-in-love asked what they would really wear, and I said maybe all solid neutrals, but I wasn't sure yet.  I said, "It depends what color my dress ends up being."  She asked, "Do you mean between white and ivory?  Or are you talking white or hot pink?"  She had the funniest look on her face.  I told her closer to the hot pink version, and her look - astonished horror/trying to be supportive/slightly intrigued was priceless!!  Hahahah.

Okay, way past my bedtime.  I'm going to meditate and hopefully have a better idea in the morning.



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