April 12, 2010

Decision Made with the Help of the Groom

Last night I felt very frustrated with how the bodice of my dress was going, so I asked Mark for his creative input.  Everything is easier and better when we work on it together.  So, after going over several different options with him, he suggested I go with one of the bodices on the dress pattern I am making my skirt from, and I agreed.  It is a V-neck and allows me to wear a bra (yea yea yea!).  I looked at the instructions this morning, and they look pretty easy to follow.  I'm going to make my muslin for it today and see how it goes.  I would put a pic of the pattern here, but it's kinda hard to see which bodice I'm doing by looking at it.

While I was thinking about it this morning, I found this super cute dress:

Can you say cute?  Can you say easy?  I'm talking about the pattern, people, not myself!  HA!  I read the reviews and everyone said this was easy to sew.  Pah ha ha ha.  My initial sewing confidence is waning slightly, but I'm sure it will bolster back up soon.  Anyhoo, isn't her hair cute too?  I've really liked the white hair look for a while, but I haven't brought myself to actually doing it yet.  Picture me with white spunky hair and a dark red dress on my wedding day....drama drama drama!  Makes my mouth water (that happens when I think of vibrant colors).


In other news, Mark and I are working on our wedding website and hoping to have everything done this week so we can send out invitations.  We've just decided on an afternoon ceremony time.  Yea!  Things are going very smoothly.



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  1. wow, i adore that dress! i even like the color...imagine that dress, in crimson with some calla lilies.