April 19, 2010

Putting it Together

Tonight I began sewing again after a few days of thinking things through.  I've decided not to build in one of my bras.  Instead, I'm just going to sew it and figure out what to do after it's finished.  I'm a creative girl, and I'm sure I can think of something.  

I sewed the lining on the midriff and graded the seams.  Oh yeah, I know what grading is now.  I'm a big girl sewer.  I've moved up a grade.  Sure, all the seams look like a drunk person cut them, but let's not be picky.  Speaking of wobbliness, I've realized it's quite the challenge to sew straight.  I read in a sewing book that it was important to practice sewing straight lines.  I thought, "What kind of dodo doesn't know how to sew in a straight line."  Since then I've realized....me.  :)  Oh well, I'm practicing on my wedding dress.  Ha!

I also sewed the right side seam on the skirt and skirt lining.  We're getting close, folks.  There is that zipper to contend with though.  And I think the midriff is too big and needs to be taken in over an inch in order to be more form-fitting.  If I wasn't worried about my boobs popping out, it wouldn't matter. 

So all I have left is
  • sew left side seams of the skirt
  • sew skirt lining to skirt
  • insert zipper
  • hem dress
  • figure out boob situation
  • dye dress
  • add embellishments
  • celebrate!
But now it's time to dance with my honey.  I've been giving him private dancing lessons in our living room.  So nice :)




  1. Wish I would have noticed this site sooner. Anyway you are doing a fabulous job. I hope that you got that zipper, I couldn't stand doing zippers in my apparel class. I totally know how you feel about sewing straight lines. It's work, but the whole process is soo much fun! And in the end I know it will be amazing!