June 26, 2010

Wedding Update

Hello Friends!

It's getting so much closer --- 8 days until Mark and I get married!!!  We're both really looking forward to it (obviously), and we're still having so much fun in the planning process.  I finished painting my dress, and spent over 12 hours beading it last weekend on the way to and from Lubbock.  Mark and I decided to take a road trip to see his father's side of our family before the wedding, and it was the perfect opportunity to finish beading my dress.  We had such a wonderful time!  Mark and I listened to the first Harry Potter audio book while we were in the car - great choice by my honey!  We had a marvelous time in Lubbock, and Mark's aunt, Phyllis, gave us a beautiful card she made to congratulate us on our wedding.  It was so thoughtful and beautiful, I cried! I love handmade treasures.  I can feel the love that goes into them.  Thank you Phyllis!

Then, a few days ago I went shopping with my mommy.  We had such a great time!  We found my wedding shoes, had a wonderful lunch together (and a much needed pina colada - hehe), and spent hours lounging and watching Monarch of the Glen together on Netflix.  Monarch of the Glen is a BBC show that my mom used to watch when she was a teenager (she's British).  I asked if she ever thought then that someday she would be watching it with her daughter.  It was really nice to have the mother/daughter time.  I have the best mom.  We have always been best friends.

What other news???  Oh yeah, back to my dress.  So, today I am going to work on the bodice of my dress and sew a bra into it.  Everything else is done!  Well, except the hem.  Technically the hem is done now, but I think I'll have to shorten it a bit because my shoes are flats, and although it seems very princess-y to lift up my dress when I walk, it's not practical.  Plus, I'd probably end up with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other, and then I'd trip on my hem and fall flat on my face.  Not so graceful.

I have to apologize for my writing.  I start writing a sentence, and then my thoughts just float away on something else, and finishing each sentence feels like trying to hammer a round peg in a square hole.  I've just got a lot on my mind.  That's why I haven't been blogging on any of my blogs much.  I haven't even done my monthly newsletter for My Magical Journey yet.  Doh!  I have the idea of what I'm going to write about, got great inspiration for it, but the actual writing bit is sludgy.  I would rather convey my ideas telepathically for the moment.  Sometimes when I get messages from my guides, it's like a gentle wave of information comes into my body.  I feel it and know the entire message all at once, rather than it being delivered in a stream of words, like writing.  What if you picked up a book in the library, and you instantly felt the entire story?  After this happens (the wave message - not the library book thing) sometimes my conscious, logical mind pauses and rewinds the message, then replays slowly, breaking it into frames of meaning and dissecting each frame.  Sometimes I wonder why the knowing isn't enough?  Why does it need to be dissected and inspected if the message has already seeped into every cell?  You know why?  Because then I usually have to put it in verbal form to communicate it to someone else.  I usually find that it's easier to do if I sit and feel the message, rather than think about it, before communicating verbally.  Anyhoo...

Okay, so what's next?  I'm going to write a blog right now about my handmade thank you cards!  I found a box of cards I didn't like in our cabinet, so instead of buying new ones, I painted over them!  Now they look great!  I've taken lots of photos, so I'll show you all of them and post it for tomorrow.

Also, Mark and I have spent days painting streamers to decorate for the talent show we're having the day before our wedding.  That's right, we've suckered all our family members into performing for us to kick off our wedding weekend.  It's going to be so much fun!  Anyhoo, I'll post photos of that project in a few days, too!  I'm going to use the handy dandy feature of blogger where I can write a bunch of posts one day and schedule them to go online several days later.  I love technology!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I can't believe how fast your wedding is coming! Yay! So excited to see the pics. And I LOVE the idea of the talent show - that is PERFECT!

  2. Thanks for the sweet words and for the beautiful painted thank you note. You'll be in our thoughts this weekend. Love you both!