June 27, 2010

Handmade Thank You Cards

Hello Friends!

I have a new project to show you!  Mark and I are sending out lots of thank you cards lately (what a blessing!), and I was scrounging around looking to see what our stash looked like.  Slim pickins, lemme tell ya.  However, we did have a box of fortune cookie cards.  It sounds like a neat idea, but when I opened them up to look at the cards, I was not impressed.  Plus, Mark reminded me that I threw out all the fortunes long ago because I thought they were crappy.  Although this sounded like something I would do, I didn't remember this at all, so I looked on the box to see what the fortunes were.  There were two options.  The first read, "Those who have wealth attract love beyond measure."  The second read, "Those who have love have wealth beyond measure."  Yeah, I still think those are crappy fortunes.  I considered creating new fortunes for the cards, but I didn't care for the design anyway, so what did I do???  I spread out my paint supplies on the living room floor, turned on a fun movie, and went to town!  (As a side note, one of the reasons I may be subconsciously coming up with a lot of fun projects to do is because they create a great excuse to watch Netflix for hours).

Without further ado, here are the pics:

Before painting...

and after...

and painted envelopes too!

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  1. Fun and pretty! I loved the story about you forgetting that you threw out the crappy fortunes! That sounds like forgetful old me! ;)