April 28, 2010

Zipper today?

Maybe you're wondering, "Melanie, when are you going to get to that zipper?"  Well, I think I'll do it today.  It's not even noon, though, and I've already made 2 loaves of bread.  Yes, I'm having a domestic goddess day today.  :)

One thing I did do was dye some clothes to make them wearable again.  I had a super cute shirt my mother-in-love gave me that was white and then was accidentally washed with something red and turned that funky MaryKay pink.  The other item was a really cute skirt, also white, that had little yellow stains on it, as if someone dropped spaghetti sauce on it or something (don't know who that could have been).  I used a box of Rit Dye I found in Mark's Grandmother's sewing stash.  It was called Peacock Blue.  I dyed both items the same color, but the skirt was left in longer and is much darker than the shirt.  They both turned out nicely.  I'll post photos of them both soon.  I haven't decided if I want to sew different colored buttons near the bottom of the skirt just for funsies.

Okay, back to business!



P.S.  I am amazed at how tan I look in the previous post's photos of me in my dress.  Trick of the camera or something, but I like it!  Where was that camera trick yesterday when I took photos and looked pasty?

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