November 5, 2010

Halloween in Granbury

Hello Friends!

Back from our wonderful wedding and honeymoon, and now we're...still going with the flow.  My sewing machine is still in storage, so the crafts in my head (I'm skipping Christmas and moving right onto Valentine's Day) are staying in my head for now. However, I do have some photos to share with you from our recent visit to Granbury, TX.  I had never been there before, but they have a super cute historic downtown.  Come window shopping with me!

This was the cutest, most colorful store.  They had brightly colored Christmas trees (hot pink, sky blue, etc.) that were so wild and happy.  Unfortunately, none of my photos turned out well : (

I love "The Witch Is In".  My mom said I could get this and put it outside our home if I was in a bad mood.  Ha.  Ha.  Very funny.  :-b

I LOVE this little witch.  There were several different ones, and they have the most animated faces.

As we were leaving, all the shop owners came outside in their costumes and had a trick-or-treating party for the children.  It was so cute!  I really loved that all the shops decorated outside with natural materials.  Most of them had hay bales, pumpkins, and cornstalks, along with colorful fabric and cloth Halloween characters.  

And check out this cool sign:

I would hang this on my wall if I had it.  Maybe I'll make something like this when we get our home.  Love the 20s look.

I was also inspired by some of the cute crafts in the stores, many of which were made by local artists, like this little tack board (or whatever you call it).  Just a cork board covered with burlap and painted.  Cute.  I would make a more colorful version, but it's still a cute and easy idea.

I'm pretty sure the same artist made these painted burlap pillows

The burlap was a little rough for my taste, but I like the idea of painting on fabric because I love to paint.  There's also something peaceful and elegant about the monochromatic silhouettes of the birds and letters.  They remind me of another pillow I saw recently in the Pottery Barn catalog...

Laughter Sentimentl Lumbar Pillow, 12 x 24"

I was so inspired by this pillow.  I love the typewriter print and the happy message.  I could think of lots of different words to copy the same idea with, and then I'd have a super happy couch.  Actually, I loved all sorts of things from the Pottery Barn holiday catalog.  I could just picture decorating our future house.  If you're wondering whether I would go on a shopping spree at Pottery Barn if we had our house now, I'd say that just isn't my style.  I would find what I like and then figure out how to make it myself : - )  I used to drive my mom nuts in stores because she would pick out something pretty, and I'd say, "I could make that."  

Thank you for coming along with me on my tour of Granbury!  I hope you had a happy Halloween!


Melanie Jade

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