April 2, 2010

Very Early Morning Pattern Scouting

Good very early morning to you!  It's 2:14AM, and I was lovingly awakened by a Spirit Guide this morning urging me to write an article on MyMagicalJourney.com.  I complied, and now I'm up looking to see if there are new sewing patterns out.  Here's what I've found so far:

Vogue 1176
I love the bodice on this dress.  If I had this pattern, I would do it with a flouncier skirt with pockets.  I saw a dress with pockets hidden in the flounces (that's what I'm calling them), and it looked so carefree and cute!  This pattern shows it with a fitted skirt, which looks a little too stiff to me.



I mean, it's cute, it's flattering, but I'm wanting flirty and free....ahh!  Springtime!

Vogue 1175
This dress would not look good on me at all, and it would totally hide my beautiful hourglass shape.  However, it looks really cute in the picture, in my opinion.  Some things are just fun to look at.


Vogue 8645
This one does suit hourglass shapes, and I think it would look great with more color.  There are so many ways to mix up different colors and patterns with this design.  What were they thinking with just white?  Who knows.  Just being conservative I guess.  I'm in mega color mode.  I also know I don't normally like tie things - like bows and waist ties.  Maybe that would bug me.  Oh well, another fun one to look at.  Although, now I'm getting kinda bored looking at all that white, I'll nix this one.


Today, Mark and I ran many different errands and completed projects that have been in the works for some time.  Thank goodness!  I wasn't led to work on my dress today ---- err, I mean, yesterday---so I'll get to work on it today.

The other night (after receiving guidance on the bodice of my wedding dress in the shower), I was telling Mark about the Spirits helping me.  I told him how thankful I am for his grandmother's help and my grandmother's help, and I saw and heard the voice of a third woman who claimed she is the one giving me most of my tips.  My mom told me that she had been told years ago that she had a Spirit around her who sews, and that was before her mother passed on.  I don't know who she is yet, but I'm so thankful for any help.  I know I'm getting a lot of it.  I'm really excited about trying the bodice idea that came to me the other day.  People who choose not to talk to Spirits are really missing out, in my opinion.

My current sewing "HUH?" is facing.  Facing, interfacing....what is going on there?  I just don't know.  Thank goodness my current dress doesn't need any of that.  I was working on another dress, one that's going in the oopsy pile, that had a facing, interfacing, yoke, lining, interlining, megalining, potatofacing....all sorts of things I have no clue about.  And the pattern instructions are written as if I should know what I'm doing.  Riiiiight.

McCalls 5655
I don't think this one would look good on me either, but isn't it cute?  It's the pockets in the skirt thing.  I'm falling for it every time.  What do you think about this model?  It looks like she's saying, "Are you serious?"  Maybe she's saying, "A bow across my boobs?  Are you serious?"  I just realized that look would only go well for small-chested women.  Can you imagine some double D's with a huge bow?  I wonder what the top right variation looks like though (the blue one).  Back to patternreview.com to check it out.


Whoa.  Some people made some super cute dresses with this one.  I read that it doesn't have buttons, zippers, or anything tricky.  A major plus.  I also read that it runs big and has a tendency to make one look pregnant.  Just as I suspected!

Wanna know what I've been picturing in my head lately?  The weather is getting warmer, and I'm really feeling some....

McCalls 5813
Are these pants cute or what?!  Everyone who sewed them on patternreview.com made awesome pants, and they look great.  That's pretty good if everyone does a great job on them.  That bodes well for me.  Cause you know, sometimes....not so bueno.  Sometimes I find a great pattern, read the reviews and look at the pictures and think, "Really?"  Yikes.  But not with this pattern, which is a pattern for the pants by the way.


These say to me, "I'm a funky fun gal, and I like expressing my personality."  That's a good message I think.  Yummy.  These are CuTe!

That's all from me for tonight!


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